Doubt Keeps You Stuck, But Trust Will Set You Free

Doubt Keeps You Stuck, But Trust Will Set You Free

I remember how long it took me to turn to my guidance for answers – and I’d already been able to connect to spirit for years!

I remember how shutting it down left me feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, disillusioned and ultimately contributed to my periods of depression. As I finally started to listen to the gentle taps — and the undeniable smacks about the head — I, little by little, began to trust not only my inner wisdom, but myself.

When I first left the security of my PR job to give psychic readings, I realised building these foundations was to be my focus. Every day I established a practice of silence, stillness and space, honoured my own seasons and rhythms and began to move in my life in a way, that although very foreign, was also so very familiar.

So much of those early days led me through my internal landscape, understanding all the ways I’d be contributing to my own disconnection, dissatisfaction and disillusionment. And while that was a little confronting, it also meant I had the power to change it. And my guidance was showing me how.

Once that was cleared and healed, the guidance shifted – this time a little more outward focused. My Spiritual Support Team began to give me very specific instructions – where to go, who to call, what to research. And piece by piece, these dots began to connect. A new vision and possibility began to emerge and my life started to head in a very different connection. Things sped up, and I was in the flow for the first time in my life.

Over the years, my guidance has had me weaving in and out of the inner and outer actions to take – an Intuitive Action Plan emerged, and this led me further and deeper along my own path. With each step, with each cycle and season, I’ve come to know myself deeper and deeper than I had before. My understanding of my soul’s work, my life’s mission and my purpose and gifts have constantly refined and gained potency

The foundations are what I always come back to – even now, over a decade later, I am back remembering (and revisiting) my rhythms, renegotiating my space and stillness now I have a business and young children, and indeed which members of my Spiritual Support Team are now here to work with me – different guides for different life phases.  My decisions are always filtered through guidance – in my business, in motherhood, in my relationships right down to the smaller, day to day choices.

We are connected to so much more than meets the physical eye – and when we open to it, we not only open to guidance, but to ourselves and the infinite possibility of all of life supporting us.

If you’re feeling the pain of staying stuck, playing small, feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with the way things are – check in, is it time to start living a guided life.  Guided Living is ready and waiting for you. It’s time to move out of doubt and stuck-ness and into trust and freedom.