Waves of excitement

Waves of excitement

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have seen me channeling messages from my spiritual support team (SST) in relation to a sense of simultaneously speeding up and slowing down, which my guides explain as part of our up-leveling process. Many of you commented you too have felt this, which is no coincidence.

Today, I was prompted by my spirit guides to share their thoughts and insights into this sensation and what the Collective can learn from it via the below recording, which I recorded at home, with my newborn baby sleeping alongside her.

The sensation so many of us, the Collective, are feeling begins in the feet and runs up through the body, stopping at the heart space before we can catch it. It feels as though we remember this exciting thing happening, but we can’t remember exactly what it is.

I mention a collective feeling of swinging like a pendulum, from a sense of excitement and anticipation through to frustration and anger, often within the space of minutes. Don’t give up. Both feelings are important in leading you forwards both individually and collectively. For everything has a duality, and the duality here is the elation but also the frustration it’s not happening quick enough. Be thankful for this duality for the jubilant side is a great indicator we’re on our right path, leading us towards our purpose; while the flipside can show us where we’re stifling the flow. It’s important to recognise these frustrations, disappointments, sadness and/or anger as they are pointing out our limiting beliefs. And in changing our limiting beliefs, we carry out the internal work needed to up-level and tangibly reach the place of excitement. Use this duality to observe where you’re swinging, but don’t get caught up in either. Just be grounded, centred, in the middle.

When you feel the excitement, sit with it, increase your capacity to hold the feeling. Work with your chakras to allow the flow of energy through and constantly expand and hold this feeling. Observe it. Sit with the discomfort and with the wave of new energy coming through.