We’re awakening to our collective blueprint

We’re awakening to our collective blueprint

Below is a channeled message from my spirit guides, written up verbatim, on 8th April, 2016.

“There is a blueprint that exists, for all of life. Each soul has a blueprint and all these billions of blueprints feed into the whole (or collective blueprint).

Our work here with you, Helen, is to show people both. To show them – to help them remember and experience – their individual blueprint and honour it, in the context of its place fitting into the blueprint of the whole.

Now, more than ever, the Earth and her people are moving into a new level of consciousness. Humanity’s blueprint is now moving into a phase of increasing enlightenment. It will take time, of course, but it must also balance the delicate interplay of every soul’s blueprint.

So many are awakening – remembering – feeling this internal pull. They can feel this shift and change, either individually or in the collective, or both.

But it’s new to so many – and to so many at once.

We work with you, Helen, now, to help reach the masses. To help provide a framework for the many individuals working to support themselves through their own recollection of their infinite power.

And to support those who are aware of that growing collective swell of energy now palpable in this atmosphere.

Indeed, those aware of both are called in to (soul) purposeful work now. The healers, the empaths, the creatives, the leaders, the feminine and the brave.

And there is a new energy for them to tap in to, to harness and to share with the world. This too is part of the blueprint.

A new energy. A new consciousness. A new way of healing. A new way of living.

And it’s occurring individually and collectively.

May we be of service to you in guiding you home.”