Who Are The High Council Of Sages?

Who Are The High Council Of Sages?

Who are the High Council of Sages?

Below is a directly channeled message from the High Council of Sages, a group of high-vibing light beings I’ve been working with these past few years and who have been guiding me into the work I’m now teaching via Seeker (and the full spectrum of programs at Guided, coming soon).

I channeled this message Wednesday, 9th August 2017, in response to me asking how they’d like to introduce themselves to you.

They say:

“There’s an awakening on earth, and you’re a part of it.

But we must move beyond the awakening – what are you awakening to?

It is this that is the Soul Path.  As you awaken to the call, the remembrance within you, you remember the call of your soul too.

This is important for the individual to raise her vibration again, but also as this happens en masse, it’s a beautiful collective up-leveling.

And it is happening en masse on your planet at this time.

We, the High Council of Sages, are assigned to the group of women awakening to their Soul Path.  And what lays beyond the awakening.

This is the Soul Path – the transformational journey an individual embarks upon once they remember the call of their soul.

We, the High Council of Sages, share this process with you now to help and assist what we can see is trying and confusing for many.

It need not be so.

We wish to guide you through the process, the stages of the path and the associated healing, energetic upgrades, for the earth now needs this accelerated.  That is our role, to accelerate the collective remembrance of the soul path and what comes as you commit to it.

This is important for many reasons.  One is, we see the role women are to play in spreading this energy, with their children (many of whom already know the way and are here to actually lead this), with their communities (and why so many are now returning to circle with women) and indeed through the sacred arts of creative expression.

There is a reason you’re experiencing the “symptoms” that you are – they are common to those on the various stages of the Soul Path (of which we’re currently sharing four).  And when you understand this, you can begin to interact with your life and circumstances differently.

We, the High Council of Sages, are delighted to be here and working with you, to help bring individual healing and indeed collective consciousness on your planet at this time.

We applaud your role here and are at your service to assist.”