Why your energy matters to me

Why your energy matters to me

I’ve been talking a lot about the collective energy and the collective up-leveling we are going through.

I’ve also been talking about how important it is for you to focus on your own energy and your own vibrational up-leveling.

We are all connected. What is happening to your energy is happening to me; as you heal, we all heal. And as more and more of us heal individually, the collective healing gains momentum. THAT is how real change begins – and how important the power of one is.

This healing is about clearing out the psychic debris, or energy, accumulated around your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (and this may have accumulated in this lifetime and from previous ones!). As humans, we experience ego – it’s an important tool – but it also can limit us. This is not a “bad” thing. It draws our attention to the energy blocks or energy stores, the limiting beliefs we hold, or the old emotions we haven’t released and all of this blocks or limits the flow of divine energy moving through and out of us. We become “dirty filters”.

So, this healing is about clearing our filters – and those filters are our four bodies, chakra and aura – to open us more and more to our true divine nature; to allow our divine source of energy to flow through and out of us, unrestricted.

And as your divine nature shines, so does mine. And vice versa. For we are all one. And that’s why your energy matters to me.