Why Your Life Is Unfolding This Way Right Now

Why Your Life Is Unfolding This Way Right Now

Each of us is incarnate on the planet with a soul blueprint – an energetic imprint of the major lessons or themes, the purpose or offering of our unique combination of gifts, and an interconnectivity to a group of other souls we are meant to work with to ensure all these lessons are learned and all our gifts are shared. As we all live out this blueprint, we raise the collective consciousness and move our energies higher and higher. We ascend on mass.

Of course, we may not remember the blueprint or such agreements. It’s my belief we will each, at some point in our life, make our way back to this imprint and our soul, and its energy will begin to activate within your life.

It is also my belief that the Earth has such a blueprint, and as the Earth is moving into new energies, it is enacting the blueprints of its people. There is an awakening occurring on Earth right now, where on mass more and more people are feeling the initial rumblings of their soul. More and more people are coming into alignment with their soul, and are preparing to live from a very different energy and perspective.

While many are only just awakening, there is also a group moving through an ascension process right now – this group already completed their awakening and are now moving into a deeper integration process with their soul. These are the leaders, healers, lightworkers who are now called to assist the masses waking up. It’s important this group is fully anchored into their new energies, their new understanding of their soul’s blueprint, to really make the difference they are here to make.

My spirit guides also show me that this mass level of awakening and integrating with these energies is unprecedented. It’s rapid and fast and as we up-level, there is a great deal of turmoil – and this is happening on mass. We must find an anchor for these new energies and learn how to open to them and bring them into our lives with as much ease and grace as possible.

And we’re certainly not meant to do it alone.

My own soul blueprint is revealing to me in new ways. I’ve come to see a great deal of my own soul’s gifts is linked to seeing these blueprints of Earth and individuals, and receiving information about these awakening and ascension energies and to guide souls through the process.

It’s very new to me, yet, in some ways, it’s what I’ve been working on all along.

I can see it is part of my soul’s offering to lead people back to their own souls, to open to the energy of their blueprint and to prepare to integrate that energy into their being.

You can start to do this for yourself, but simply piecing together all of the forecasts and insights I share and start to use them to understand the energy at play in your own life and why things may be unfolding in the way they are.

We’re in the midst of a period of time my spirit guides have predicted as quite turbulent. There is an awakening and ascension process that is rapidly unfolding and we’re each individually being called into deeper alignment with our soul and its blueprint.

I’m not an astrologer – I simply channel these higher beings and the messages I’m given.

If nothing else, please know you’re not alone in the great changes occurring in your life – and there is a much bigger reason for this season of turbulence. It won’t last. But it is needed to take you where you’re going.