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Learn how to foresee potential life pitfalls, realise what your guidance is asking you to heal (and why), and prepare to find your true soul calling!

Successful PR executive-turned psychic Helen Jacobs never wanted to be a medium, but the universe came knocking. After following advice from her spirit guides, Helen left her successful career to start her own business, soon seeing a long list of clients with extensive waiting lists for one-on-one sessions. Now a full-time psychic, Helen runs sell-out workshops, events and a dedicated social media group which helps people all around the world find the life they want to lead.

Weaving her own personal experiences throughout You Already Know, Helen shares her unlikely journey and explains how to create a beautiful life for yourself today – by listening closely to your intuition, and developing it so that you can be a spiritual ninja.

About the author

A trained journalist, Helen Jacobs was a successful PR and marketing exec who left her thriving career to become a full-time psychic medium, hosting popular workshops and events to provide thousands of readings for people all over the world. In addition to her work as a medium, Helen mentors and teaches women how to change their lives and find a more meaningful path for themselves.

"This book is a must-read for anyone looking to discover their true self and purpose – and learn to back themselves in the process – via practical, everyday wisdom. Helen’s insights are the real deal and anyone who receives them will feel the impact in their life for years to come.”

—Jack Delosa, Founder & CEO of The Entourage, entrepreneur and investor

"This beautiful book captures the heart of what is happening for so many women —the journey of waking up to her soul and life and taking her on wild ride of finding secret gems and hidden powers and dreams she never believed were possible. You Already Know had me in tears and epiphanies, it was like Helen knew exactly what was happening in my heart, she gave me the map to my own soul and how to understand the guidance that is always speaking to me. This book needs to be in the hearts and handbags of all women who know they are here to live a bigger, more beautiful life, being who they really are."

— Melissa Sandon, Founder of Soul Medicine Academy

"Helen has created a comprehensive guide to spirituality, yet she has somehow made it incredibly accessible and easy to read. I know this book is something I'll lean on in my life for many years to come, and that it will help in my role as a spiritual seeker, entrepreneur, mother and wife.  This is a book that can change your life." 

—Lorraine Murphy, author and entrepreneur 

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