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Learn how to Ask, Receive, Interpret and Act (ARIA) on your guidance.


The Little Sage Oracle Cards

These ever-popular cards are back on pre-order. Six new cards & improved box. Shipping from March 2021.

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Asking For a Friend provides answers from the spirit realm, with a side dose of hope, comfort and gentle guidance to those navigating challenging times.


"Guidance of the highest calibre for every burning question you ever had. I loved this book!" –Jordanna Levin, best selling autho





You're not "off path". There's just a new path emerging.

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Looking for answers?

Go a little deeper to answer them

I've packed away my crystal ball and no longer give personal readings after 13+ years as a professional psychic.

While I could keep asking questions for friends of my Spiritual Support Team, it's far more prudent (especially as we move through a mass spiritual awakening) to teach my friends how to ask -- and answer -- their own big life questions.

Your questions are a gateway into your path and purpose.

When we know how to ask, receive, interpret and act on our own guidance, a whole new world will emerge.

Let me show you how to answer questions for yourself.

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Learn how to foresee potential life pitfalls, realise what your guidance is asking you to heal (and why), and prepare to find your true soul calling.

Weaving her own personal experiences throughout You Already Know, Helen shares her unlikely journey and explains how to create a beautiful life for yourself today – by listening closely to your intuition, and following it.

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