Join us as we work with the energy forecasts, create our daily guidance practices and build our intuition. Together.

Guided provides exclusive, members-only access to psychic Helen Jacobs' energy forecasts and predictions, giving you inside information on collective changes and individual impacts.

PLUS, Helen guides you through intuiting your own forecasts, providing the tools and supports for each season. You also receive training on creating your own regular guidance practice.

Follow the rhythms and rituals, enhance your intuition and see your life transform... in just a few minutes each day.

As a Guided member you receive exclusive access to weekly content

Energy forecasts

Start each month, and each week, with a new video from Helen Jacobs, outlining spirit's message, energy forecasts and themes at play.

Support tools

No matter what you need to explore the energy, it's served up here. Guided meditations, journal prompts, oracle cards spreads and more.

Rhythm & ritual

Guided is designed with built-in accountability to create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (and beyond!) guidance practices.

Core trainings

Every member receives video instructions on creating your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly practice of asking for and receiving guidance.

Not another program

Guidance & Support

Guided is your online sacred space.

Access insight, support tools, meditations and practices - in real time - to support your journey.

A psychic's personal practice
Trust your intuition

For 15 years, professional psychic, Helen Jacobs, created her own energy forecasts and shared various forms of them with her online community. These formed the basis of how Helen lived her life and ran her business — according to the energy at play and guidance from Spirit.

Guided is the culmination of Helen's own personal guidance practice —journaling, oracle card reading, meditation and intuitive expression — shared with the community... so you can build your intuition and be guided on your path.

Join the Guided membership and work with the Guided community, led by Helen Jacobs

What our Guided members are saying

I am grateful for this program it is helping me navigate a difficult time in my life, thank you!

I am amazed how it all works and I am really glad to have found it.

Grateful for the loving enforcing of listening one’s own intuition and guidance too.

Wow! I've just joined and am blown away.

I’ve for sure already found a deeper layer and connection than what I previously had. Thank you.

Core trainings
Intuitive Toolkit

Built into your membership is the Guided Kit, which includes a PDF journal to start your daily, weekly and monthly reflections; Sacred Space guided meditation and; video trainings on building the foundation of your own intuitive practice, woven into every forecast shraed.

monthly membership

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Join now for instant access to all materials. Dive into the current forecasts, start your practice and review all the archives of info and support.

Guided Membership

Guided Membership

Join us as we work with the energy forecasts, create our daily guidance practices and build our intuition. Together.

Exclusive, members-only access to guidance, meditation, support tools and core trainings. Cancel anytime. 


This is the term Helen uses to describe the messages from her Spiritual Support Team about the influences ahead. It's a bit like an astrological forecast, without relying on the planets.

No, this is information provided for the group, with instruction on how to take the information and apply it to your situaiton. Helen supplies the PDF journal, meditations, exercises and oracle card spreads (as necessary) to help you explore the theme and energy in your own way.

Not at all! In fact, this will help you develop your intuition and a regular practice of asking for, receiving and interpreting the guidance you receive.

You also receive Helen's insights, which are powerful in their own right.

Guided content is served up in a private members-only area on You will have access to this as long as you're a current paying member. When you sign up, you will create a customer account on our website. As long as you're logged into the site, you can access the information. We are also working on new and improved ways to bring this information to you outside of this platform.

No! The Guided membership was born because of the popularity of the podcast and Helen's energy forecasts there. Guided members get much deeper information, weekly forecasts and the support tools to navigate the energies. These aren't available on the podcast.

At this time, Guided does not include a live or interactive element, although we have plans to expand this very soon. Guided does include a FAQ section, and if your question isn't answered there we will ensure it is included as soon as possible.

There is no obligation to stay at the party any longer than you want to. You are free to cancel your membership at any time via your customer portal. We do not issue refunds on your membership, and access remains open until your cancellation date.