Part collective prediction. Part individual guidance.

Weekly insights, supports and tools.

a deeper exploration

Let us guide you to develop your own guidance practice, with our Guided Journal and process for receiving your own guidance.

You'll build your intuition and connection with your Spiritual Support Team as you follow the foundational training.

Plus, each month, Helen provides an exclusive monthly message and weekly breakdown, guiding you through the energy forecasts and how to apply it in real time.

Combining Helen's collective guidance and your own intuitive response to the energy at play, you will deepen your own practice for personal growth and inner transformation, while deepening your work with the encompassing energy.

lay the foundations
Core Training

Not only will you receive Helen's insights and predictions, you'll simultaneously be guided to receive your own.

Guided serves up the foundational training, plus a downloadable journal.

Fresh content each week


Helen delivers the month's energy and a week-by-week breakdown in a video to kick off each month. Use your Guided Journal to intuit your own messages.


A different support tool is served up each month, to help you integrate the energies. Think: guided meditation and energy practice, to take the message deeper.


Journal prompts or oracle card spreads will help you intuit more of your personal guidance, building on the themes, energy and your own personal areas of growth and transformation.


Review your guidance, layered alongside Helen's. Develop tangible "proof" of your intuitive skill, build your own practice and be guided on your own personal growth. Take aligned action!

monthly subscription

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You'll have access to all the materails for the length of your subscription. Cancel or pause anytime.

Guided Membership

Guided Membership