Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner

Head and Heart Digital Planner

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Plan your days with your head and heart 

After years of working across both a physical day planner and keeping a paper journal, I needed a better system to have my head and heart working in unison. To manifest my dreams, I needed a system that allowed for both following my heart (and intuition) and relying on my logic. 

The Head and Heart Planner is a digital planner with two distinct sections: 

  • The Planner to plan your days with both your head’s logical tasks and your heart’s desires and intentions. Designed to incorporate more than your head’s to-do list, these planner pages encourage you to work with seasons and cycles, like the lunar phases and menstrual phases, and oracle card spreads. 

  • The Guidance Practice Journal includes the tools and techniques to intuitively plan your day. The Guidance Practice itself focuses on the rituals of journaling, pulling oracle cards, meditation and intuitive expression. All these tools - plus more - are provided in planner. 

    • Immediate download to your customer account.

    This 515+ page digital planner includes daily, weekly, monthly, quartlery and annual planner pages. This digital planner for the modern mystic also includes instructions on creating your daily guidance practice, recording oracle card spreads, journaling (including dream journal, gratitude journal, Future Scripting and more), an Interpretation Index for recording your signs and symbols, lunar and menstrual cycle trackers and more.

    You will also receive The Little Sage Oracle Card Digital Stickers (a digital file) to perform your digital card readings.

    This is a digital planner designed and best used on an iPad with an app such as GoodNotes (it's free) and a stylus pencil.

    You will receive instructions of use in your download.

    The Head and Heart Digital Planner is designed to look just like a traditional paper planner, but is actually an interactive digital file. It allows the freedom and flexibility to copy and paste text and images, link between pages and sections, replicate and move entire pages to somewhere more convenient for you to save your journal notes. We've created an entire guide on how to use your digital planner.