Q3 2022 Forecast

Q3 2022 Forecast

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Tune in to this audio recording as Helen Jacobs predicts the energy themes for the third quarter of 2022 — exploring the crown chakra and its connection to spirituality, guidance and the collective consciousness.

Part channelled prediction, part guided workshop, Helen not only guides you through the themes ahead, she also:

  • guides you through a meditation to help you move and transmute energy vibrations through your body,
  • shares an overview of key dates in the upcoming three months,
  • takes you through transformation and helps you to release old energy,
  • helps you connect with your Spiritual Support Team to understand your crown chakra and the energy in encompasses, and
  • suggests additional supports to work with as the months unfold — a resource you can return to over and over. 

This forecast works in conjunction with:


You’ll receive: 

  • Channeled forecast for Q3 2022 (audio, 46 minutes inclusive of channeled guided meditation) *Listen to this first*
  • Channeled guided meditation by Helen (audio, 17 minutes) *separated from the forecast to use in your daily practice*
  • A PDF outlining how to work with this forecast

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